Philipp RW Urech, architect



is a Swiss architect. He obtained his bachelor degree at the Academy of Architecture (USI) in Mendrisio and his master degree at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich. He gained professional experience in Swiss architectural firms, developing numerous building submissions, planning studies and competitions for both architectural and landscape architectural projects. Since 2010 he is a research associate at the chair of Landscape Architecture of Professor Christophe Girot at the ETH Department of Architecture. He taught in Design studios, in Master thesis projects and in Postgraduate study programs (MAS LA). Design research studies include the Rhine-Meuse Delta in Dordrecht, the Ciliwung River in Jakarta, the Altar Valley in the Sonora Desert, and the Certosa island in the Venetian Lagoon. Philipp was guest lecturer in parallel programs at the ETH Zürich, at the WSL Birmensdorf, at the Technion in Haifa and presently teaching a design studio at the SUTD in Singapore. Since 2017 he is conducting a doctoral research on design techniques in urban landscapes at the Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore.

2010-present . Teaching assistant at chair Prof. Christophe Girot, ETH Zurich
2009-2017 . Collaborator at Studio S+M Dello Buono Architekten, Zurich
2006-2007 . Ammann Architekten, Zurich
2005-2006 . LANDS Architetture, Lugano


2018 . SUTD Design Studio "Cool Topology", Singapore
2017 . ETH Design Studio "Magadino Pane", Ticino
2016 . ETH Elective Course "Scales of Power", Naharayim Israel
2016 . ETH Design Studio "Emergent/Submergent Landscape Structures", Venice
2015 . ETH MAS Landscape Architecture, Workshop on Landscape Simulation, Zurich
2015 . ETH Elective Course "Decomposing Roentgenplatz", Zurich
2015 . ETH Design Studio "Flash Floods and Desert Claims", Arizona
2014 . ETH Elective Course "Landscape Reconnaissance", Basel
2014 . ETH Diplombegleitfach Landschaft, Visp
2014 . ETH Design Studio "Beach Bank Basel", Basel
2013 . ETH Studio and Elective "Designing the Ciliwung River", Jakarta
2012 . ETH Elective Course "Constructing Landscape", Glatttal
2012 . ETH Design Studio "The Arcadian Thames", London
2011 . ETH Studio and Elective "Rising Waters, Shifting Lands", Dordrecht


2018 . Guest Critique, Studio Von Richthofen, NUS Singapore
2017 . Guest Lecturer, Prof. Filin, Technion Israel
2016 . Guest Critique, Studio Prof. Van Hee, ETH Zurich
2015 . Guest Critique, Studio Prof. Kerez, ETH Zurich
2015 . MAS ETH in Spatial Planning, Prof Dr. Bernd Scholl, ETH Zurich
2015 . Congress "Junge Landschaftsforschung 2015", WSL Birmensdorf
2014 . Congress IABR International Architecture Biennale, Rotterdam


2009 . Master of architectural science, ETH Zurich
2010 . Class "Paraisopolis future city 2020", Berlin, Prof. Brillembourg and Klumpner
2008 . Class "Planing solutions in Sao Paulo", Brazil, Prof. Annette Spiro
2008 . Class "A Wider View" on cultural landscape, Apeldoorn
2007 . Class "International Social Housing (WISH)", Tbilisi, Prof. Pedrozzi
2007 . Bachelor of architectural science, AAM Mendrisio


2014 . Future Cities Laboratory, ETH
2014 . "Designing the Ciliwung River", IABR International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam
2013 . "Designing the Ciliwung River", Jakarta Vertical Kampung, Jakarta
2011-2016 . D-arch Jahresausstellung, ETH Zurich
2012 . "Darum Urban planing", traveling exhibition in Switzerland


2015 . "Simulation as Model", Journal LA+, University of Pennsylvania School of Design
2015 . "Digital Landscapes", Journal KERB 23, RMIT University School of Architecture and Design
2015 . "Designing the Ciliwung River", SIA Tracés Espazium
2006-2007 . Collaboration at "L'Universo" (USI) Student journal


2016 . "Schoolhouse Allmend", Building Department Zurich, Zurich-Manegg
2016 . "University Island", Young Architects Competitions, Venezia-Poveglia
2013 . "Labitzke Areal" Residential building, 2nd reward, Housing in Zurich
2013 . "Lerchenbergstrasse" Residential building, 2nd reward, Zurich-Erlenbach
2010 . "Changing the Face", Piraeus Tower, Athens
2009 . "Benetton New Headquarters", Teheran
2008 . "Transforming with Water", 1st reward, IFLA International Fed. of Landscape Architects
2004 . "Planing Piazza della Riforma, Manzoni and Riziero", 3rd reward, City of Lugano